KALIYOGA Retreat in Italy

When it comes to yoga retreats, Kailyoga is a gem. Located in beautiful Puglia, the trulli was my bedroom for the week. Each morning we started and ended our day with mediation then yoga. In between we had some delicious Italian homemade food including freshly made pasta. The retreat feels more like a little village where you meet and mingle over breakfast lunch and dinner, and naturally end up bonding with your yoga classmates. We also made time for a bike ride to the local town, a trip to the beach and enjoyed some chill out nights in the outdoor jacuzzi whilst watching the sunset. Definitely a place to go to give your mind and body some harmony.



KASAULI in India

If you want to escape the heat and the chaos of India's hectic cities, then head to the hills, just like they did during the reign of the British Empire. The various 'Hill Stations' are located along the drive up towards the Himalayas. I stayed in a small hill station called Kasauli in the state of Himachal Pradesh, which is a 2 hour drive from Chandigarh. Our resort was called Mahal Farms which contained several cottages set above each other, and each cottage has its own balcony and magnificent view. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served whenever you like, and just a ten minute drive is the local market full of street food such as the famous 'Momo' dumplings and 'Somosa Burger'. You can also find a lot of gifts, clothes and unusual presents to take back home.



Spill The Bean

The latest obsession with coffee has spread far and wide, and now coffee shops around the globe have not only become the place to hang out in, but also to work from. So I thought I would tell you about one I recently filmed at for my new health show  'Re-Treat Yourself'. It's called 'Spill the Beans', and can be found at Sunset Mall in Dubai. Manager Ola is a busy mum and a coffee connoisseur, and will be happy to educate you on the various types of coffee blends she serves from all over the world. In the meantime press play on the picture, and have a look at what Ola says about coffee and your health.






Whilst working on OUT & ABOUT I got an email from two wake-boarding fanatics, who have turned their passion in to a full time career. They have created a platform for wake boarding and wake surfing fans called XtremewakeUAE located in Ghantoot Marina, between Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Lucky for me, on the day I was invited to film with them, they surprised us with two world champions including wakeboard champion Rusty Malinoski. Definitely give wake boarding a go at least once in your life. Yes, you will fall off a few times, but once you do manage to stand up the buzz of it will keep you wanting more.



Raffles Hotel, Seychelles

One of the most beautiful hotels I have had the pleasure of filming and staying in was The Raffles Hotel on the island of Praslin in the Seychelles. If you want to spoil yourself and go all out this is the place to do it at. Set on a beautiful hilltop, each private villa has its own pool overlooking the Indian Ocean. The staff were amazing and went out of their way for us. And if you can manage to drag yourself out of the resort, Praslin has some of the world's most beautiful beaches that are just waiting for you. We had a lot fun filming there and also joined in with the celebrations of their annual famous event, The Festival Kreol. Click on the video to see some of the highlights from our trip.




Deira Fish Market

Nothing beats fresh food, and at the Deira Fish Market in Dubai, it doesn't get any fresher than straight from the sea. However, to catch the fish of the day, waking up early is essential, and from 8am the Deira Fish Market is heaving with customers ready to haggle and bag a bargain. You name it they got it, from Prawns, Lobster,  Hamour, clams, tuna, just take your pick. And, next door there is even a vegetable market so you can add your 5 a day to your seafood lunch. We had a lot of fun bargaining there!




FLYBOARDING - Extreme sport

'I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky'. Welcome to the FLYBOARDING soundtrack, because your about to experience a futuristic-looking extreme sport, that not only takes you up in to the sky, but also deep in to the sea. The flyboard was developed in 2011, where a rider stands on a board which is connected to a jet ski. It then forces water in to your boots, which thrusts you up 15 metres in the air or headlong in to the sea. Your choice! All i can say from my experience was, beware, because if you lose your balance, and crash in to the water from 15 meters up, whilst wearing a helmet too, it's kind of like getting whiplash. Ouch! But, as they say, practice makes perfect. Click on the video to see how we did.