DESA SENI Eco Village - BALI

In 2015, Emirates Airlines started direct flights to Bali, and as i have never been there i decided to hop on a flight from Dubai, and 9 hours later i had arrived. It's an Island that truly lives within nature. Healing, health, yoga, mediation and surfing is a big part of this Islands appeal.

The film EAT PRAY LOVE brought a lot of attention to Bali especially Ubud. However I spent most of my time in a very relaxed place called Canggu, on the west side of the island. And lucky for me  one of the most beautiful yoga retreats was just around the corner from my villa.

Desa Seni is an eco village and yoga retreat, where residents can stay, swim, dine, practice yoga and treat themselves to the spa. But it's not just for residents. Local visitors can pop in 7 days a week for various classes of mediation and yoga, which takes place in a garden pavilion set amongst the trees. As soon as i entered the retreat for my daily yoga class i felt a sense of calm and tranquility, so much so that during one of their classes known as yin yoga i actually cried. It's a yoga practice that releases a lot of emotions from within. I highly recommend it. Check out the video I made whilst at Desa Seni.