Coco Collection has a portfolio of stunning resorts in the Maldives, and one of their main goals is preserving the environment and marine life in the region. So, whilst staying at the Coco Palm Bodu Hithi, I took one of their daily snorkeling trips with their resident Marine Biologist, Lisa Bauer.

Once meeting Lisa, I decided to rename her Lara Croft instead. Why you may ask, well picture this: Whilst I had flippers and a big red life jacket on, Lisa was all kitted out in black tight lycra with a knife strapped to her thigh.

At first, I thought maybe it was to protect me from any sharks, however I came to find out she uses it to rescue sea turtles that are stuck in fishing nets.

So, as she dived in to the middle of the Indian ocean in 2 seconds, I plodded down the steps of the boat like a clown, with my flippers firmly on. Once I was in, we both swam deep in to the ocean in search of sea turtles.

So far Lisa has identified 184 different sea turtles around the resort, and they all have names too. She can tell who they are simply from their face markings. And get this, if you spot a new one that has yet to be identified, not only can you name it, but you will also get an adoption certificate that will keep you up to date on how the turtle is doing. And as they live to an average age of 50-80 years old, you will be receiving a lifetime of updates from your newly adopted sea pet.

Within 3 minutes we spotted our first turtle that goes by the name of Senge who is a juvenile Hawksbill turtle that was first spotted in 2004. 

Next we met the king of the sea turtles, Monty. Apparently he is the only male adult turtle in the resort area, so you can only imagine what fun he must have with all the ladies. He probably has his own underwater harem, and what better place to have one than in the romantic Maldives.

Monty has been spotted 65 times since 2013. However the most sociable one is Chloe, who has turned up 122 times for snorkelers since 2013. 

As well as the sea turtles, you can also spot all kinds of marine life from fish to sharks. But don’t panic, those sharks are harmless, and with Lara Croft by your side, you have nothing to worry about.

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