Underwater with Kim Kardashian at the Atlantis

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As a Journalist I have interviewed a variety of celebrities in many beautiful locations around Dubai. But one rather unusual spot was underwater with Kim Kardashian, however no swim suit or diving gear was required.

The Atlantis hotel sits on the man made island of the Palm Jumeirah, and my interview with Kim was to take place in their underwater suite. They have two at the hotel known as the Poseidon and Neptune suite.

The bedroom and bathroom both look out to the Ambassador Lagoon aquarium, where you can watch 65,000 marine animals swim by. The way I see it, if you have ever wanted to know what life was like during the days of the lost city of Atlantis (and yes I do believe it existed) then this is probably the closest version you will get.

So, to get to the bedroom I had to walk through the main entrance, down some long winding stairs, through the magnificent lounge and dining area, and then get in to a vey small lift which opened in to the underwater room.

And there was Kim Kardashian patiently waiting for me. As I asked her during the interview what she was exactly famous for (come on someone had to), behind her were  thousands of little fish enjoying their afternoon swim and offering me a great visual backdrop.

So here’s my take on the underwater bedroom. Would I be able to sleep here for one night? For the experience yes.

Would I pay on average £5,500 for the suite per night? If I was Kim Kardashian, yes.

Would I enjoy the butler who I can beckon to my every whim 24 hours a day, of course!

Would I want to sleep here for a week?  Probably not, because after a while I did start feeling slightly claustrophobic, I was craving natural daylight.

Did i start feeling like I was in a submarine? Yes.

And lastly and most importantly, with all that water as my only view, I would most definitely end up going to the bathroom at least 3 times during the night. Thank goodness the bathroom is next door. Oh wait! The bathroom also looks out to the lagoon.

So, I suppose the most sensible piece of advice I can give you when staying in the underwater suite, is that it’s probably best you don’t have a drink of water before you go to sleep. But all in all, it was a unique location to interview a celebrity in.

Sweet dreams, and don’t wet the bed!