Yes, I have been to heaven and decided to come back to tell my story. In fact I didn’t just go, I actually flew through heaven…on a zip line that is.

Zip lines in heaven you ask? Ok, ok, so I didn’t actually DIE, but I did visit a piece of heaven on planet earth, also know as the Seychelles.

What can I say, never did I think I would visit this beautiful place, but the stars were all aligned and the universe said ‘Punam, pack your bags we’re going to paradise’.

Now I’m not one to argue with the universe, unless it’s leading me in to a dark alleyway all alone .

So I took a 4 and half hour flight from Dubai to the Seychelles and there she was, all green, lush, blue crystal clear water and a tropical breeze greeting my hair as I walked out the airport.

My first stop wasmy home for the week, the Constance Ephélia, on the capital island of Mahe.

The hotel is situated on two of the most beautiful beaches overlooking the marine national park of Port Launay, and sits on a spectacular location of 120 hectares of the greenest trees I have ever seen.

Now getting back to me flying through heaven. Most hotels have the usual swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses etc. But Constance Ephelia, with the help of SMAC adventures, decidced to walk all over those average leisure facilities and went one up, or should I say 120 metres up!

The hotel has it’s very own zip line. Or should I say 8 zip liners that take you from 85 metres to 120 metres over and through the lush forest of the hotel.

Now come on people, how many hotels do you know not only have their own forest, but a zip line running through it too.

Seriously, you can keep your fancy swimming pools and high tech gyms, I will pick flying through heaven everytime.

Universe…where we flying to next?

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