So its been almost 15 years since i last visited New York, and I have to say, it's still one busy manic city. For those who like that kind of buzz, its the place to be. As for me I more I'm more in to laid back cities, so its a good job our hotel was just 5 minutes walk from Central Park. That was my little sanctuary when i needed a break from all the noise. 

But i did find another piece of greenery in New York, known as Bibble and Sip. Bibble means to eat indulgently and sip implies cultured enjoyment. And trust me, i definitely indulged whilst there. They serve matcha Green puffs and early grey too. WOW...theses puffs are so tasty. And to go with it you can also try their matcha jasmine latte. Just looking at the photo now is making me crave it all over again. They are located on 253 W & 51 St.  ENJOY!

Bibble and Sip


Photo credit: Punam Verma